Updated: May 9, 2020

We thank all of you that have been reaching out to us!! There's a new way you can support us during this time :)

Now you can pre-pay your next meal with us by buying a voucher through Preserve.pt!!!

This is a fantastic initiative that allows you to safely/confidently purchase vouchers from your favourite restaurants to use when we re-open.

They don't charge anything to you or us, they are just doing it out of the kindness of their hearts to contribute and #preservept 🥰

Some other ideas in case you have the time: - leave us reviews across as many of the sites as possible (hint hint could copy and paste your original one) > Facebook, Google, HappyCow, Zomato, Tripadvisor, Yelp

- Be one of the first people to buy a SHIRT (or other types of merchandise) with a Gambuzino design! I will be slowly adding designs/products here!!! 🙌 www.ogambuzino.threadless.com

- Pin us as one of your favourites on GoogleMaps! This will hopefully help us to show up more when people search for restaurants in the area.

Can't wait to see you asap

Um abraço,

Os Gambuzinos


Rua dos Anjos 5A, Intendente - Lisboa 1150-032                          218 863 231                         hello@ogambuzino.com


"Passamos a infância à procura de gambuzinos. Procurávamos, com paus e sacos, atrás de cada moita e de cada beco.

Depois de tantos anos, encontrei o esconderijo, está cheio deles."