Wear, O Gambuzino

As you can imagine...we have had a little extra time in quarantine (but we have also working hard to improve a lot of things behind the scenes).

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, since our soft opening was on April 18th, we launched a site where you can collect Gambuzino merchandise. They feature the beautiful and intricate 'gambuzino' depictions that our graphic designer/illustrator @schaedlichdesigns invented for us. You may have already seen them on our business cards, menu, artwork throughout the restaurant etc.

If you don't really wear t-shirts... or long sleeves, jumpers... don't worry! you can get the prints on a variety of different items including mugs, badges, magnets, bags, kids-wear and more 🙀

Order yourself or someone else a gift now, to enjoy & represent O Gambuzino once lockdown finishes! (or at least to hug yourself in if this isolation continues).

The link >>> www.ogambuzino.threadless.com

Fabrics are 100% cotton, except the ‘heather’ fabrics which are a mix. Visual size guide https://artistshopshelp.threadless.com/article/764-fit-guide

The prices are all in USD however a regular shirt translates to approximately 16.00€.

Shipping is 9€/15aud. There is currently an offer for free international shipping on orders over 80$! I recommend making your order with friends or family and have it delivered to one address, That way you can save on the cost and reduce the impact on the environment :)

Don't hesitate to message us if you have any questions :)

Thanks for supporting us during this time!

Um abraço,

Os Gambuzinos


Rua dos Anjos 5A, Intendente - Lisboa 1150-032                          218 863 231                         hello@ogambuzino.com


"Passamos a infância à procura de gambuzinos. Procurávamos, com paus e sacos, atrás de cada moita e de cada beco.

Depois de tantos anos, encontrei o esconderijo, está cheio deles."